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Chatbot development

Model Optimization



Difficult in coming up
with any ideas for a new business
Difficult in understanding customers
Time-consuming market research
High cost of developing a
new business
Slow customer responses
Unpredictable new
business risks


AI Technology

By leveraging these benefits of AI technology, you will be able to effectively accelerate business growth




Proposed to introduce AI into business-flow
  • Surveying demands
  • Understanding Business model and business analytic
  • Choosing the right AI tool


Verification of Risks
  • Verification of the latest AI information risk
  • Handling Risks


Supporting draft-work
  • Introducing/ setting-up AI tools
  • Creating a reminder template
  • Building lessons
  • Internal API
  • Adjust LLM


Full-scale introduction/deployment support
  • Formulation of technical, operational and management plans
  • Formulation of laws, regulations, tax systems, and industry-specific regulations
  • Started using laboratory-type development
  • Monitoring after actual operation, company-wide deployment


Generative AI

Develop PoC related to


Helps businesses quickly test how AI's true capabilities apply to their business activities, so they don't get left behind during the rapidly growing wave of AI technology investment.

we have implemented

AI projects

Applying AI in warehouse management

Analyzing data with AI in improving excessive inventory
Applying AI in market research
Predicting the needs of products by AI based on previous business results, market information, inventory,...
Applying AI in sales
Using AI to create salekit, product categories and other docs
Applying AI in customer care
Replying emails and responding to clients automatically

Chatbot development

with ChatGPT

GPT-3, a self-regressive language model, uses
deep-learning methods to create human-like text. If you provide the initial text as the reminder, it will create the continual text of the reminder
Embedding (vector handling of text culture) is used to search for and clustering homologous. Used to refer to document data that is most similar to a prompt


Optimize (relearn) language model suitable for each role. A method of controlling behavior by retraining the network. By using the ideal questions and
answer combinations as training data, it is possible
to provide the knowledge that the original model does not





"Generation AI, ChatGPT API usage, various system linkages, in-house production of corporate infrastructure systems"

Using in-house developed SaaS, API collaboration and embedding, Optimization and specialization using fine-tuning methods, etc.
Adoption of existing chat services and linked apps, etc.
Build big data by linking with existing storage services
Data source
To the user

in your company

Start introducing ChatGPT

Supporting encryption by ChatGPT
- Creating specification/design documentation
- Generate code - Identify/correct errors
- Smart bot
- Test cases and unit testing
- Created code audit
Supporting Marketing by ChatGPT
- Lead generation, email marketing ...
- Extracting keywords
- Supporting data analysis and visualization
- Market research
Content creation assistant
- Automatic content creation
- Creative Email Magazine
- Creating conference ideas
ChatGPT + Aicobot:
Business Automation
- Enhanced learning from human feedback (RLHF)
- AI conversation
- Conversation data storage
- Understand context
- Continuous learning
- Multi-language support
- 24/7 service & support
- Solve complex problems

Certifications and awards

(*) warded in the Product/Solution Category

Top 10 National Digital Transformation Solutions
Vietnam’s Top 10 AI-iOT
Vietnam’s Top 50 Leading IT Companies
(in 2016, 2018, 2019)
Vietnam’s Sao Khue 
2020 (*)
Viet Solutions


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